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Fronius Digital Tools – intelligent companions along the entire inverter product life cycle

With its holistic solutions in the photovoltaic sector, Fronius Solar Energy makes a significant contribution to the decentralised renewable energy supply. To ensure optimal yield for every PV system, Fronius offers intelligent monitoring and digital tools that accompany the inverter along its entire lifecycle. From PV system planning, installation and commissioning to efficient energy management and troubleshooting – free, flexible, user-friendly, and available on any device.

Discover the tools

Solar.creator | for professional system design

The online configuration tool Solar.creator supports you to comprehensively plan and design PV systems when consulting and providing solutions for your customers. It can be individually adapted to your needs and offers assistance in all planning stages of your projects with its numerous functions.

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Solar.start | for quick and easy commissioning

Configure Fronius inverters in just a few minutes! Solar.start makes your work easy. The app allows you to commission every inverter in just three steps and also provides useful links to other Fronius platforms such as Solar.web and Solar.SOS.

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Solar.web | for efficient PV system monitoring

The professional PV system monitoring tool Fronius Solar.web provides you with the latest system data at any time. Whether you use a smartphone or a computer, Solar.web offers you comprehensive analysis functions that enable individual consultation and ongoing optimisation of the PV system. Both system owners and installers can use the online tool to view important data such as installed system capacity, current daily values, PV yield and energy consumption at any time. With the help of automatic notifications, system errors can also be detected and rectified as quickly as possible, thus minimising downtime and maximising yield.

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Solar.watpilot | for flexible EV charging

The Solar.watpilot app guarantees maximum flexibility and a complete overview for all users of the intelligent EV charging solution Fronius Watpilot.

  • Commissioning the Watpilot is completely straightforward with the app.
  • Clear display of all charging data
  • Control of charging modes possible from anywhere
  • Wide range of settings

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Solar.SOS | for immediate troubleshooting

Fronius Solar.SOS is the solution for all technical questions from installers. The service process can be initiated online using an app or the desktop version at the installation location itself – just by using the serial number of the inverter or a state code. With just a few clicks, Solar.SOS supports you with troubleshooting and ordering replacement parts.

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