12 March, 2024 Member article

ENGIE Energy Access release white paper on adopting a multi-technology approach in a mini-grid environment

ARE Member ENGIE Energy Access has announced the publication of our white paper, “Towards Universal Access to Energy: Enabling a Multi-Technology Approach in a Mini-Grid Environment.” a blueprint for action towards achieving the ambitious Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) by the 2030 deadline set by the United Nations.

In their pursuit of universal energy access, EEA recognise that innovative solutions are crucial. This white paper explores the challenges of the current energy landscape in sub-Saharan Africa and presents a forward-thinking strategy. It emphasises the need for an integrated strategy, combining an impact-driven approach served by various technologies within mini-grid environments to meet the diverse energy needs of underserved communities.

Paramount is the call for collaborative efforts. Achieving SDG7 is not a solo journey. It requires the collective wisdom, resources, and commitment of industry leaders, policymakers, investors, and communities. This white paper serves as a starting point for a much-needed dialogue and joint action.

Download the white paper