25 October, 2023 ARE article

Empowering tomorrow: Pioneering innovation in DRE

In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, innovation remains at the forefront of our journey towards a sustainable future. In the decentralised renewable  energy (DRE) sector, digital technologies are playing a pivotal role in reshaping the future. Innovations such as remote monitoring, cutting-edge control software, and data-driven platforms are making it possible to lower the costs of DRE solutions while simultaneously boosting their efficiency, longevity, and sustainability.

As the global demand for clean and renewable energy continues to surge, ARE stands at the vanguard of fostering and promoting innovation and efficiency within the DRE industry. In this endeavor, ARE is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Strategic Partnership Technology in Africa (SPTA) to organise a series of ARE Masterclasses in Nigeria and the Innovation for Electrification (I4E) online series, with the next edition focusing on “Digitalisation & Optimisation”.

ARE provides a platform for showcasing innovations that are revolutionising the DRE sector. Recent highlights include the Burundi Renewable Energy Access Days, where industry players had the opportunity to exhibit their cutting-edge products, and the African Microfinance Week, organised by ARE Member ADA Asbl, where ARE evaluated innovative products at the “Innovators’ Village” and recognised some of the best innovations.

In the coming months, we have an exciting line-up of events. The EU Green Power Transformation Forum is set to take place in Eswatini on 20-21 November, building upon the successes of the previous year. ARE is also making a significant progress in Asia. I will personally participate in the Asia Clean Energy Summit 2023 from 24-26 October in Singapore. Moreover, mark your calendars for the Off-Grid Expo + Conference in Augsburg on 6-8 December, where ARE will be actively engaged and hosting a stand as well.

In the pursuit of a sustainable and clean energy future, ARE remains committed to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and expanding our impact on a global scale. Join ARE today to benefit from special year-end discounts and become part of the leading network in the DRE sector.

Stay tuned for more updates on our transformative initiatives and upcoming events as we continue to shape the future of renewable energy.

David Lecoque   |   CEO   |   d.lecoque@ruralelec.org