5 December, 2023 Member article

EDP’s A2E Fund: Empowering sustainable development across multiple SDGs


EDP (Energias de Portugal), a global energy company operating across the energy sector’s value chain, is significantly contributing to multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its operations, investments, and strong sustainability commitment play a pivotal role in achieving SDGs related to clean energy, climate action, innovation, and overall sustainable development.

Established in 2018, the A2E Fund aims to support sustainable and clean energy projects in developing countries primarily aligned with SDG 7 (Affordable & Clean Energy) but not exclusively so. The emphasis on renewable energy sources contributes to climate change mitigation (SDG 13), while also playing a fundamental role in poverty eradication (SDG 1) by bolstering economic activities, entrepreneurship, and income opportunities (SDG 8), particularly in rural areas.

The A2E Fund initiatives extend across various sectors—education, health, businesses, communities, water, and agriculture—yielding a substantial impact across multiple SDGs. For instance, by enabling electrification in schools, it enhances education quality (SDG 4) through improved lighting, access to electronic devices, and internet connectivity. In parallel, the Fund’s support for energy access significantly influences healthcare services (SDG 3), ensuring power supply to medical facilities, refrigeration for vaccines and medicines, and facilitating clean water access. Although seemingly indirect, energy access greatly affects Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6) by facilitating water treatment, supply mechanisms, and sanitation facilities. This transformation diminishes contamination risks, safeguarding access to potable water. Moreover, it facilitates water pumping and irrigation in water-scarce places, enhancing agricultural productivity while conserving water resources.


Additionally, projects focusing on women and girls contribute to gender equality (SDG 5). Collaborations with various entities (SDG 17) serve as catalysts and enable EDP to leverage expertise and resources, collectively fostering sustainable practices that propel the advancement of the SDGs.

As a testament to its impact, the A2E Fund, having backed around 30 projects, directly benefits over 120,000 individuals while indirectly impacting a staggering two million. It not only fosters economic growth but also improves living standards, advocates for sustainability, and significantly advances multiple interconnected SDGs.