22 February, 2024 Member article

d.light partners Sol! Groupe to supply SHS in rural Niger

With 86% of Niger’s population living without electricity, decentralised solar power is emerging as a viable solution, especially for people living in rural areas. That’s why Sol! Groupe and ARE Member d.light will be working in partnership.

As part of this Sahel-wide partnership, d.light, which is very active in East Africa, will supply portable solar lanterns, solar home systems, inverters and associated appliances, including fans and televisions.

Distribution will be handled by Sol! Groupe, which has extensive local knowledge. Like other off-grid solution providers operating in Africa, the company is expected to rely on the pay-as-you-go system, necessary for rural populations, often living on low incomes. In rural Niger, barely 5% of the population has access to electricity. In the country as a whole, only 14% of Nigeriens have access to this essential service, one of the lowest electrification rates on the continent.

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