Bringing safe and sustainable water to Africa’s camps

In September 2023, GFM Fotovoltaica and GENAQ installed the first solar-powered atmospheric water generator in Djibouti. The project is part of a strategic partnership agreement between both companies to promote the drinking water generation in areas where this resource is […]

Optimising solar cooling solutions in remote areas

Solar powered cold rooms play a pivotal role in minimising post-harvest losses and empowering local farmers to extend the shelf life of their crops, enabling them to fetch better market prices. Over the past few years, the number of companies […]

Fronius Digital Tools – intelligent companions along the entire inverter product life cycle

With its holistic solutions in the photovoltaic sector, Fronius Solar Energy makes a significant contribution to the decentralised renewable energy supply. To ensure optimal yield for every PV system, Fronius offers intelligent monitoring and digital tools that accompany the inverter […]

Capacity Building and Agent Training

What are the difficulties that agents can encounter and how to make a smoother transition to a new digital tool When talking about digitalisation, its necessity is often obvious for the distributor. To scale, it will need to transform and […]

Meet a Member: Sandra Liz Hon, Director, H2 Energy

1. What inspired your entry into the decentralised renewable energy sector and what was your journey to get to where you are today? Our entry was sparked by the invitation from the Health Ministry to pilot a rural clinic electrification […]

Local Innovation: Creating a Foundation for Success in Rural Liberia

After several years of working closely with the people of Totota, Liberia, NRECA International in partnership with USAID/Liberia collaborated with this rural community to establish an electric cooperative in 2018 to bring them affordable, reliable and safe electricity. In less […]