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Sino Soar Hybrid – Supply & installation of a 2.86 MW mini-grid project for remote islands (Maldives)

Who, What & Where

  • Sino Soar Hybrid (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Hybrid power plant on 26 islands, with an integrated solar power plant, battery energy storage system and existing diesel generators, as well as an upgrade of the existing island grid with new features such as Energy Management System (EMS) and Central (supervisory control and data acquisition) SCADA system in capital islands
  • Maldives-Shaviyani and Noou Atoll

The Company

Sino Soar Hybrid (Beijing) Tech, Co., Ltd. is a world class hybrid energy solution provider, particularly microgrid systems. Sino Soar has committed to provide stable, flexible and sustainable energy to our customers.

From the smallest solar home systems to island-level microgrids, and even large scale off-grid and grid-tied hybrid plants; from the easiest solar streetlighting solutions to more complex renewable energy systems (wind+solar) with diesel gensets combined with batteries hybrid system to provide enable energy access. Sino Soar remains committed to its mission: powering the world with hybrid energy.

The Challenge

The project consists of a 2.86 MW solar generator, a 3.5 MWh Li ion battery energy storage system and 7 MW new diesel generators to be integrated with the existing diesel power plant with EMS and Central SCADA through submarine (fiber-optic) FO cables across all 26 islands.

The island grid is entirely based on the diesel generators with long distance low voltage transmission lines. Solar energy is easy to acquire but island grids are very fragile and thus harder to integrate with renewable power.

Renewable Solution

Battery energy storage systems were installed across all project islands and the stability was increased in two ways: grid forming mode and grid supporting mode.

  • Grid forming mode: The battery system operates as the main source of the grid, while the PV generator and diesel generators operate under slave mode.
  • Grid supporting mode: The PV generator operates as the current source with batteries to reduce fluctuation, while diesel generator maintain the main source of the grid.

Project Financing and Costs

Asian Development Bank

Project Outcome

The 26-hybrid micro grid system operates in Maldives with live updates from the capital through Central SCADA. Grids have been reinforced and tonnes of diesel usage have been avoided in the islands.

Next Steps

Sino Soar Hybrid will continue its efforts worldwide to promote hybrid power plant, in particular by contributing clean energy with the aim of achieving zero net emissions in the Maldives by 2030.