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Case study 18 July, 2023 Battery / Energy StorageHybridSolar PV Other Grid-connected

Sino Soar – 2.3MWp/1.14MWh PV-Battery Power Station (Suriname)

Who, What & Where

  • Sino Soar Hybrid (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd
  • 2.3MWp/1.14MWh PV-Battery Power Station
  • Nickerie & Coronie, Suriname

The Company

Sino Soar Hybrid (Beijing) Technologies Co., Ltd is an international high-tech company specialised in solar hybrid and off-grid fields. SINOSOAR’s main business scope covers R&D, Manufacturing, system integration, project development, engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance as well as project financing and investment.

The Challenge

Suriname, located in the Caribbean region of South America, is a country with a long history and multi-ethnic living. Suriname is sparsely populated, with a national forest coverage rate of 95%and relatively weak power facilities. With the increase of local electricity demand year by year, Suriname began to facethe situation of power supply shortage, some remote areas lack of power supply. Because Suriname is located in the tropics and has sufficient sunlight, the conditions for developing photovoltaicpower generation are unique. The development and construction of photovoltaic power stations will effectively relieve the local power supply pressure and reduce the cost of electricity consumption in Suriname, which wil have a more demonstrative effect on the remote areas where the grid construction is relatively lagging behind.

Renewable Solution

In 2019, SINOSOAR started the construction of Suriname Nickerie and Coronie hybrid power station project funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and the project is successfully completed in 2022. lt provides 2.3MWp solar photovoltaic system and 1.14MWh BESS in total for the region. The power station is connected to the existing grid.

Project Financing and Costs

The project is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank.

Next Steps

After the Nickerie and Coronie stations, SINOSOAR is now implementing another 500kWp solar power plant project in a town of the Brokopondo District.