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Case study 5 November, 2020 Solar PV Agriculture Stand alone

OffgridSun – Lighting & device charging for farmers (Rwanda)

Who, What & Where

  • OffgridSun
  • A plug-and-play solar home system to provide lighting and device charging for Rwandan farmers
  • Eastern Rwanda

The Company

OffgridSun is an Italian solar company specialising in the development, design, manufacturing and commercialisation of leading-edge solar photovoltaic technologies that provide durable and affordable access to energy in the rural areas of the developing world, as well as in the other areas with limited or no access to grid electricity.

The Challenge

Rwanda has the target to provide off-grid electricty for 48% of its population by 2024 with a current level of 14%. To achieve this target private sector engagement is crucial. OffgridSun is working together with Rwandan companies that have the local experience, knowledge, and network required to efficiently reach the often remote end-user. In this case a visit was made to pineapple and avocado farmers in Eastern Rwanda who will use part of their monthly salary to pay-off the solar system.

Renewable Solution

OffgridSun offers the Energy Station, a plug-and-play solar home system tailored to the needs of rural end-users. The system provides lighting, device charging, a torch, and radio. The system will be adapted to the specific country requirements, by for example providing a manual and training material in Kinyarwanda.