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Case study 26 February, 2021 HybridSolar PV Water Stand alone

GFM – WatEnergy (Spain)

Who, What & Where

  • Generaciones Fotovoltaicas de la Mancha
  • An autonomous, portable and easy-to-install hybrid solution for electricity and drinking water generation.
  • Villacanas, Toledo, Spain (test phase), prototype  to be installed in Jordan

The Company

GFM Photovoltaic works with the best products on the marke to offer viable photovoltaic solar energy solutions and savings to our customers.

The Challenge

  • In some parts of the world, diesel generators are used to power inefficient well pumps where the water quality is poor which results in diseases and infections.

Renewable Solution

  • A decentralised, hybrid and portable PV energy generator which is equipped with the essential technology for providing drinking water autonomously.
  • Solar energy generation is primarily used to power an integral atmospheric condenser which generates up to 500 l of drinking water/day.
    • 30 kW solar PV panels
    • AC-DC coupling system
    • 62 kWh lithium batteries
  • Smart management platform that allows GFM to remotely control the operation, including room temperature, humidity, radiation, and system status.

Project Financing and Costs

  • EUR 100,000
    • 80% funded by the regional government of the Castilla-La Mancha (grant).
    • The rest was financed by GFM (equity).

Project Outcome

  • 43,800 Wh yearly, up to 16,887.24 kg of CO2 annually.
  • Six temporary jobs were created during the design, construction and testing phase.

Next Steps

  • WatEnergy is incorporated in a portable shipping container, it could be shipped anywhere.
  • The solution will then be donated to an NGO operating in the Middle East, where humidity conditions allow the water and power production to be increased and, as a result, accelerate the amortisation.