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GFM: Portable Mini-grid for Pumping Water & Rural Electrification

Who, What & Where

  • GFM (Generaciones Fotovoltaica de la Mancha SL)
  • 20 kW Hybrid System
  • Jijiga (Ethiopia)

The Company

GEA was created in 2000 installing wind measures towers and wind parks promotion in Spain. In 2002, they started with the first solar installations from which GFM was born in 2004 to design, install and maintain more than 10 MW solar parks connected to the Spanish Grid. For the last six years, GFM designs, installs and maintains, with their engineers team, isolated hybrid systems for rural electrification, farms and agriculture, self-consumption systems for homes and industries, EV chargers installations and innovation projects.

The Challenge

This project for Jijiga rural area allows them to access water for livestock and people and extra water for irrigation and the extra energy is stored for lighting, charging mobile phones, etc. saving 95% on diesel consumption.

Renewable Solution

20 kW solar panels connected to a 20 kW solar inverter with bus AC connecting charger to the batteries, generator and charges including special control design by GFM plug the frequency variator.

Project Financing and Costs


Project Outcome

The results are very good because the generator was stopped, and a lot of savings could be made on diesel and maintenance. 12.000 people and livestock now have access to water during the day. The extra energy is used for lighting, security, and to offer better life conditions for villagers and to pump water for agricuture.

Next Steps

GFM will support its counterparts and the local people to help them with the maintenance and to make the correct adjustments for the mini-grid.