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Case study 7 September, 2021 Battery / Energy Storage Other Stand alone

Cegasa – PV System with Energy Storage for the Rangers HQ Fraser Island, Queensland (Australia)

Who, What & Where

  • Cegasa Energia
  • Energy Storage System for a hybrid photovoltaic solar power plant built by Solar Hybrids Pty Ltd for Queensland Parks and Wild Life service
  • Fraser Island, QLD (Australia)

The Company

Cegasa was founded in 1934. From the start, the company has always worked in the area of electro- chemical energy storage. Cegasa is a manufacturer of industrial batteries, lithium-ion batteries and solutions for energy storage.

Its products are developed and manufactured entirely in Europe.

Specialised in the design and manufacture of lithium-ion products and solutions for renewable applications such as off-grid installations, self-consumption solutions, microgrids, distributed rural electrification, grid quality, peak shaving, load shifting and electric vehicle recharge.

The Challenge

The application is an off-grid installation to power a group of buildings that make up the Rangers Headquarters in Fraser Island, consisting of bedrooms, offices and auxiliary services.

The most important challenge of this project has been the logistics. Fraser Island is totally sandy without urbanised areas or paved roads. The access to the island is by barge. The main transit via is a beach of more than 100km of length, just passable with 4×4 during low tide.

Renewable Solution

The project deploys a power of 81,34 kWp / PV installed on ground, with Containerised Cegasa lithium LFP batteries backup providing 464 kWh (144 Vdc) storage capacity, integrated with three 120V battery inverters of Selectronic.

Project Financing and Costs

Queensland Government (Australia)

Project Outcome

Great example of CEGASA Energy Storage applied to powering remote, off-grid applications with an initial calculation of 80% reduction in the use of diesel.

Next Steps

The project will have constant reviews and will be fully evaluated within 12 months.