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Case study 15 March, 2021 Battery / Energy StorageSolar PV Telecom Micro/Mini-grid

Cegasa – High Energy Storage System for a Mini Hybrid PV Solar Power Plant (Benin)

Who, What & Where

  • Cegasa Energia
  • High Energy Storage System for a mini hybrid photovoltaic solar power plant built by SAGEMCOM Energy & Telecom / Sahel Energie Solaire / AEP, for UEMOA (West African Economic and Monetary Union)
  • Malenville (Benin)

The Company

Cegasa was founded in 1934. From the start, the company has always worked in the area of electrochemical energy storage. Cegasa is a manufacturer of industrial batteries, lithium-ion batteries and solutions for energy storage.

Its products are developed and manufactured entirely in Europe.

Specialised in the design and manufacture of lithium-ion products and solutions for renewable applications such as off-grid installations, self-consumption solutions, microgrids, distributed rural electrification, grid quality, peak shaving, load shifting and electric vehicle recharge.

The Challenge

Malenville (Benin) is situated at the border between Benin and Niger where the grid is very underdeveloped and has many problems.

The project consisted in the construction of a photovoltaic solar power plant coupled to the private low voltage grid of the Benin – Niger border post in Malenville, with the aim of powering the Juxtaposed Control Stations of the border post, and having an energy backup provided by the Cegasa’s High Energy Storage solution.

Renewable Solution

The project deploys a power of 450 kWp / PV installed on roofs, with Cegasa lithium LFP batteries backup providing 484 kWh (672 Vdc) storage capacity to guarantee the power supply (self-consumption) of the Juxtaposed Control Stations in Malenville (Benin) border post.

Project Financing and Costs

European Union

Project Outcome

The investment in photovoltaic solar power plants with energy storage systems can be the solution for the access to the energy in most of the rural communities all around the world, thus making them easier their development and life conditions.

Next Steps

Power supply (self-consumption) of Juxtaposed Control Stations at the Malenville border post.