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Case study 8 September, 2021 Battery / Energy StorageSolar PV Other Stand alone

Cegasa – 200 kWh system in a private house within a community with limited access to the grid (Australia)

Who, What & Where

  • Cegasa Energie
  • High Energy Storage System for a PV System in a private house with limited access to the grid. Mainly used as off-grid, it needs to support a large amount of applications.
  • Eagle Bay, WA (Australia)

The Company

Cegasa was founded in 1934. From the start, the company has always worked in the area of electro-chemical energy storage. Cegasa is a manufacturer of industrial batteries, lithium-ion batteries and solutions for energy storage.

Its products are developed and manufactured entirely in Europe.

Specialised in the design and manufacture of lithium-ion products and solutions for renewable applications such as off-grid installations, self-consumption solutions, microgrids, distributed rural electrification, grid quality, peak shaving, load shifting and electric vehicle recharge.

The Challenge

Eagle Bay is a community with very unstable grid, experiencing many blackouts during the year.

This private residential house required a system that, while maintaining connection to the grid, was to be used as an off-grid solution feeding from solar PV and backed up by a battery system. The system needed to serve a large amount of applications some of them very power consuming, producing constant peaks of power in different moments of the day.

Renewable Solution

The project deploys a power of 40 kWp / PV REC Alpha All Black series paired with a CEGASA battery bank of 207 kWh managed by 3 Selectronic SP PRO Series 2i SPLC1202 working at 120V, with a battery setup of 144Vdc.

This was the first project of its kind in Australia where you can find the Selectronic and Cegasa products working on a fully-managed setting providing the system with maximum performance and security.

Project Outcome

The project was deployed in May 2020 fulfilling the energy expectations of the owners.

Next Steps

As first of its kind, the project is being remotely monitored and supported by the Selectronic and Cegasa teams.