Tanatech is a company founded in 2009, which started by successfully distributing various solar kit components for the Malgasy market. Specialised in supplying, installing SHS and on/off-grid systems, solar water pumping and solar water heater systems on a national scale. As from 2019, to match the vision of being a sustainable company and to provide ever greater value in meeting the real needs of the local community, Tanatech decided to start rural electrification studies in some villages. In 2020, a small-medium pilot project should be completed and this will set the path for future projects that will help close the gap for electricity access in Madagascar. 

More information

Type of organisation

  • Renewable Energy Solution Provider
  • Small or Medium Enterprise

Rural electrification expertise

  • Consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Prepaid Metering
  • Product Sales
  • Project Developer
  • Project Management
  • Service Provider
  • Utility - Energy Sector

Off-grid system used

  • Grid-connected
  • Micro/Mini-grid
  • Stand-alone

RE-technology used

  • Battery / Energy Storage
  • Inverters / Power Components
  • Solar PV

Based in



Dishank Nilesh Bhagvandas