EcoPhi Renewables Engineering has the vision of a world free of fossil fuels, a world where everyone has safe access to clean drinking water.

For that reason EcoPhi offers complete remote monitoring solutions for solar projects and water supply systems in rural regions in Africa. Our approach combines not only single products or services but complete solutions by providing hardware products, software (analysis, dashboard etc.), general services as well as individual and professional consulting and our network.

EcoPhi has a wide range of hardware solutions from simple plug-and-play systems to individual and complex solutions with intelligent on-site control. Our products are designed for the use in solar systems, storage systems, water pumping systems and irrigation.

Thanks to an existing and constantly expanding network of specialists, suppliers and educational institutions in Africa and Europe, EcoPhi has the best prerequisites to monitor your systems in developing countries sustainably and in long term.

More information

Type of organisation

  • Consultancy
  • Renewable Energy Solution Provider
  • Small or Medium Enterprise

Rural electrification expertise

  • Consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Service Provider

Off-grid system used

  • Grid-connected
  • Micro/Mini-grid
  • Stand-alone

RE-technology used

  • Battery / Energy Storage
  • Inverters / Power Components
  • Solar PV

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Sebastian Zenz