23 November, 2023 Member article

Bringing safe and sustainable water to Africa’s camps

In September 2023, GFM Fotovoltaica and GENAQ installed the first solar-powered atmospheric water generator in Djibouti. The project is part of a strategic partnership agreement between both companies to promote the drinking water generation in areas where this resource is scarce, inaccessible or unsafe.

Water stress is deadly affecting lives in the Horn of Africa as a symptom of a strong climate issue. Although these countries contribute less than 1% to global emission, they are currently suffering the heaviest price in terms of lives and livelihoods. The population escalation does not help to balance the reduction of water tables as consequence of derisory precipitation levels. The consumption of unsafe water is the unique alternative for people struggling to cope to the humanitarian consequences of climate change.

The PV solar solution provides stable and green electricity to an atmospheric water generator with a production capacity up to 5,000 litres per day. The electricity generator is embedded in a sea container under a plug&play scheme supplying autonomous energy to the water solution. This system turns atmospheric humidity into drinking water, providing access to clean and safe water in places where it is essential.

The successful outcome lies in the alliance between GENAQ, as expert in atmospheric water generation, and GFM as key partner in electrification in though contexts. In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the partnership between both companies intend to scale up solar-powered atmospheric water generators in contexts where people still suffer water scarcity and energy poverty.

GFM Fotovoltaica is willing to keep supporting your power projects with the most advanced solar-hybrid solutions in terms of technology and performance. Furthermore, our company is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and SA8000. Our expertise is assured with more than 20 years in renewable sector, transforming lack of power into trustworthy and uninterruptible electricity.

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