20 February, 2024 Member article

Asantys offers e-mobility, solar powered cooling & water purification: a paradigm shift towards sustainability

In the quest for sustainability, integrating decentralised renewable energy (DRE) is revolutionising industries around the world, taking them to new levels of efficiency, economy and environmental responsibility. The convergence of the power industry and PURE is one area where DRE is having a remarkable impact. This transformative synergy reshapes traditional paradigms, meeting industrial energy needs while advancing sustainable development goals. Asantys Systems is not only a provider of solar energy but also has a wide range of solutions for sustainability and energy access. These include e-mobility, solar cooling and water treatment.

E-mobility represents a shift in the way we travel, ushering in a new era of sustainable mobility. From e-boats navigating waterways to e-vehicles traversing urban and peri-urban landscapes, the transition to electrification offers numerous environmental and social benefits. E-boats, for example, with their quieter operation, zero emissions and improved manoeuvrability, exemplify the shift to electric propulsion in marine transport. Notably, while their initial capital expenditure (CAPEX) may be higher, their operating expenditure (OPEX) is lower than that of fuel-powered vessels, especially in view of the volatility of fuel prices in the e-mobility sector. E-vehicles are also transforming mobility models beyond last-mile distribution networks. They offer a sustainable solution not only for the transport of goods but also for the transport of people. They reduce the carbon footprint and at the same time lower the cost of transport.

The storage and transport of perishable goods is being revolutionised by the introduction of solar cooling systems. By using solar energy to power refrigeration units, companies and cooperatives can ensure optimal storage conditions while significantly reducing energy consumption. This minimises the risk of damage to goods and operating costs, resulting in greater cost savings over time. In sectors such as agriculture and food processing, where preserving freshness is critical, this innovation is of particular importance.

Complementing these advances in renewable energy use, integrating compact water treatment ensures reliable fresh water supply from contaminated sources. This system can effectively remove impurities and contaminants, providing a safe and sustainable source of water through the use of innovative filtration and purification technologies.

The strategic use of control systems designed for dynamic load management is central to the success of this integrated approach. Asantys provides a platform to monitor and control multiple applications with the ideal scenario being the seamless combination of multiple use cases. With this capability, companies can dynamically allocate energy, enabling the activation or deactivation of variable loads and the potential use of surplus energy. Integrating payment options also enhances convenience and usability for customers, allowing them to easily manage instalment payments. This holistic approach not only optimises energy use but also maximises the benefits of DRE, driving operational excellence and promoting sustainability.

— Asantys Systems