2 May, 2024 News

ARE Vice-President on the advantages of DRE solutions at Renpower Madagascar

ARE Vice-President and CEO of ANKA Madagascar, Camille André-Bataille, attended the conference Renpower Madagascar on 25 April 2024 in Antananarivo. The event took place in a context where Madagascar is resolutely turning towards renewable energies to reduce energy production costs, reflecting the country’s desire to fight climate change, build a sustainable energy future and achieve energy access for all.

In Madagascar only 34% of the population, among which 15% live in rural areas, have access to energy. To address this issue, the Madagascar Rural Electrification Programme aims at providing electricity to 70% of the rural population by 2030. In this regard, DRE solutions come as the most cost-effective and reliable solution to expand energy access in rural areas.

Camille André-Bataille participated in the session ‘Lighting up Madagascar: Rural Electrification Gains Ground.’ The discussion between several key actors of the sector explored diverse solutions such as mini-grids, solar kits, all tailored to local constraints and affordability. Notably, around 130 decentralised mini-grids predominantly powered by renewable energy, are addressing rural energy needs, thanks to the efforts of approximately 30 private operators.

In addition, the sessions focused on the need to further strengthen public-private partnerships to accelerate the progress of Madagascar’s energy transition journey. In this context, the TANGO programme was presented, which is a TEAM EUROPE’s initiative to facilitate rural electrification in Madagascar.