5 May, 2024 News

ARE partners with COMET to deliver a lecture on DRE at Harvard University

On 2 May 2024, in partnership with ARE Member COMET, ARE participated in a class as a guest lecturer at Harvard University to deliver a course on mini-grids to students in the Masters in Sustainability and Masters in Global Development programmes. ARE gave students insights on the energy access gap and how it can be addressed with the right policies, funding and technology.

16 Harvard students learned about global electrification statistics illustrating the energy gap in developing countries and the programmes and activities that are in place to achieve SDG 7 by also working on attaining SDG 1, 3 and 4. Moreover, students gained knowledge on policies and regulations to improve energy access and expand electrification in underserved areas.

They also discovered ARE’s initiatives and the various areas of work undertaken by ARE Members, who specialise in finance, manufacturing, technology development, and other aspects of the DRE sector.



David Lecoque   |   CEO   |   d.lecoque@ruralelec.org