11 March, 2021 Member article

ARE Members Grino & Africa GreenTec collaborate on solar water treatment

10 March 2021 – German start-up Grino Water Solutions will now provide its solar-powered water treatment solution at the ImpactSites of off-grid provider Africa GreenTec AG. The company installs containerised solar systems in rural areas in several countries in West Africa.

The partnership between ARE Members Grino Water Solutions and Africa GreenTec AG will facilitate the roll-out of the ImpactSites in West Africa. The solution, which integrates power generation and distribution, as well as access to drinking water and internet via WIFI, is provided by Africa GreenTec AG. Within the scope of its activities, including the installation of the ImpactSites, Africa GreenTec will commission the start-up Grino for its solar-powered water treatment solution.

Drinking water is a scarce commodity in the Sahel, Africa GreenTec AG’s main area of operation. In villages in West Africa, the start-up is installing mini-grids that provide thousands of people with access to electricity. The young company has installations in operation in several villages, for example in Sirakoro in the Kita district of Mali, in Dalakana in the Koulikoro district of Mali and in Amaloul in the Tahoua region of Niger.

The partnership between Africa GreenTec AG and Grino is merely the strengthening of an existing link between the two German start-ups. Grino has already installed 20 solar-powered water treatment systems at Africa GreenTec’s ImpactSites. “Our mission is not only to contribute directly to the sustainable development goals (SDO) No. 6 (access to drinking water and sanitation) and SDO 7 (access to clean energy), but also to achieve almost all SDOs by improving people’s living standards and the development of local businesses,” Grino says.

In coastal localities, Grino is also installing solar-powered desalination systems. Recently, the start-up company commissioned a desalination system in Cape Coast in Ghana’s Central Province. The installation provides 3,000 litres of water per day to the population and to two schools in the city.