31 May, 2021 Member article

ARE Member New Sun Road partners with Microsoft to answer US VP Kamala Harris’s Call to Action

27 May 2021 – US Vice President Kamala Harris announced a Call to Action for businesses and social enterprises to make new, significant commitments to help send a signal of hope to the people of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras (the “Northern Triangle”) and sustainably address the root causes of migration by promoting economic opportunity.

Answering the call, Microsoft announced that they will expand their work with ARE Member New Sun Road to establish solar-powered community centres to provide broadband, digital skills, devices, educational experiences and mentorship to women and youths in rural and high-migration areas. They have already started work on 10 community hubs in rural Guatemala and, by next July, they are committed to doubling that number.

Serious and sustained investment in the region to address the needs of families and children that live in the Northern Triangle is vital. Strengthening the rule of law, advancing citizen empowerment and participation, and expanding economic opportunities are all essential. The solar-powered community centres will train individuals, especially youths, in key skills to help unlock opportunities in education, entrepreneurship and employment. These efforts will connect people to skills and certifications, ultimately seeking to link learners to job and livelihood opportunities so they can earn a living and thrive in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.