15 December, 2023 News

ARE holds virtual public-private dialogue on green job creation

Electrifying insights emerged from the “Catalysing Green Rural Job Creation with DRE in West Africa” virtual Public-Private Dialogue held on 19 December. Public and private sectors representatives in Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, and Togo joined to discuss the challenges and solutions related to job creation in the DRE sector.

Key insights were shared, addressing challenges such as recruitment difficulties the need for more qualified technical as well as other profiles, and more targeted and decentralised training programmes to empower rural populations. Discussions highlighted the imperative to build training programmes targeting women in technical and entrepreneurial skills, ensuring a just and sustainable green transition. Government representatives affirmed commitment to collaborative efforts with the private sector who emphasised the need for further enabling regulatory frameworks. The dialogue’s conclusion marked a united call for more ambitious policies and DRE targets and government support to attract enhanced access finance, recognising the pivotal roles of further training, women, and youth in shaping a greener future.