6 May, 2024 News

ARE extends reach to South Asia

ARE is extending its reach to South Asia. With the aim of fostering partnerships with local stakeholders, ARE is committed to bolstering the DRE sector to ensure universal access to energy for rural communities and to drive economic development.

Through its CORE and GEAR initiatives, ARE will focus on enhancing the technical and managerial capacities of stakeholders through comprehensive training programmes. These efforts are geared towards securing investments for projects, optimising DRE plant performance, and fortifying local power grids to ensure a steady supply of electricity in the region.

Mr. Shaukat Ali, ARE’s regional expert for South Asia, recently convened with the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in Islamabad on 30 April 2024. SDPI, a renowned non-profit research institute established in 1992, is dedicated to advancing sustainable development in Pakistan. The meeting, held with SDPI’s energy team, centered around their Clean Energy Transition (CET) project.

In a collaborative effort, both parties have agreed to explore potential areas of mutual cooperation and potential co-funding opportunities to further their shared objectives.