4 October, 2021 News

ARE CEO David Lecoque Makes the Case for DRE Hybridisation in CNBC Catalyst Series

4 October 2021 – ARE CEO David Lecoque makes the case for DRE hybridisation in the 7th episode of The Roads to Carbon Neutral, an original CNBC Catalyst series. In this series, TotalEnergies, in partnership with CNBC Catalyst, shines a spotlight on its plans to significantly increase its production and sale of renewable electricity, its continued development of gas and renewable gas, as well as how it is supporting innovation to improve our ability to detect and capture emissions.

With all eyes on how the world can reach carbon neutrality by 2050, the 7th episode takes a look at how hybrid energy can accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable energy mix. Delivering carbon neutrality by 2050 will require swift action and bold choices. As we seek to reduce our reliance upon fossil fuels and develop more sustainable forms of energy, we must do so in a way that allows us to meet both our current and future energy needs. With demand for energy expected to rise sharply by 2050, the role of hybrid energy can be key in supporting a stable transition to renewables.

Perhaps one of the most obvious – and immediate – applications for hybrid energy is heavy industry. Sectors such as mining have long relied on fossil fuels to power their operations, utilising virtually no renewable sources of energy at the turn of the millennium. Two decades on, renewables contribute around a third of mining’s energy mix, with improved energy storage key to mitigating issues such as the remote location of mining operations. Moreover, with as many as 6.6 billion people expected to be living in cities by 2050, the growing trend towards urbanisation is placing increasing demands on the limited energy infrastructure of cities, posing a major challenge for how to provide sufficient electricity for the cities of the future.

As we look to transition towards greener and more sustainable forms of power, there can be little overstating the critical role that hybrid energy will play. 

ARE CEO David Lecoque explains how DRE hybridisation can power the world from the bottom up.


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