23 April, 2024 News

ARE CEO David Lecoque advocates for sustainable energy access in an engaging interview

At the 14th Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) held from 16th to 18th April in Abu Dhabi, ARE CEO David Lecoque engaged in an interview with LIDA Network.

During the interview, David Lecoque underscored ARE’s commitment to fostering sustainable energy solutions by integrating various technology types for decentralised renewable energy initiatives. In an era where climate action is imperative, ARE’s approach emphasises inclusivity, recognising the diversity of technologies as essential in driving the global transition towards clean energy sources.

Crucially, Lecoque highlighted the nexus between renewable energy deployment and job creation, emphasising the importance of generating green employment opportunities while expanding energy access. By championing the expansion of decentralised renewable energy infrastructure, ARE not only advances environmental goals but also drives socio-economic progress, particularly in regions where energy poverty persists.

IRENA’s Assembly serves as a crucial platform for global dialogue and collaboration on renewable energy, and ARE’s participation underscores its commitment to driving tangible change in the renewable energy landscape. Through strategic partnerships and advocacy efforts, ARE continues to pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable energy future.