27 February, 2024 Member article

Aptech provides solar water pumping solutions in Somaliland

Hargeisa Project Overview

Hargeisa faces shortages of water because of increasing population and could not meet the growing demand for clean, potable water, a critical shortcoming in essential service delivery, and seriously impeded the right to water access and local economic development. This necessitated the journey towards a sustainable supply of adequate and clean water for Hargeisa residents. This project increased water production from the Laasdhure aquifer and connect it to the existing system at the pumping station. This system delivers an additional 4 million liters of clean drinking water each day to the people of Hargeisa. This helps to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of water, providing a much-needed solution to the water scarcity issue in the city.

Aptech successfully installed and commissioned a system composed of 3 Laasdhure boreholes. The Laasdhure Boreholes have three water pumps installed respectively. The 3 wells supply water to the new pumping station. The project is hybrid with both PV and gensets for power generation.

Dilla Project Overview

Dilla town relies on agriculture and rearing livestock as primary sources of livelihood. However, the town faces water shortages, particularly during the drier months, which adversely affect both the community and their livestock. To address this issue, a project was initiated to improve and rehabilitate the dams in the area. The aim was to increase water storage capacity in the valley dams, enabling the collection and retention of water during wet periods for use during dry periods. Additionally, the project included the installation of an overhead water tank at each site, ensuring that the collected water is stored and can be distributed effectively to the community. The project delivers 50m3 of clean drinking water each day, benefiting both the community and their livestock. The project is expected to alleviate the water scarcity issues faced by the community of Dilla, providing them with a reliable source of clean drinking water. Moreover, by addressing the water needs of the livestock, the project contributes to the sustainability and improvement of agriculture and livestock keeping practices in the area.

Aptech has successfully installed and commissioned a system composed of shallow wells known as filter tanks with a 0.37kw pump. The Dilla sites have three compound lights and both PV system and diesel generators 0f 10KVA on each of the four sites.

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