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ARE is an amazing network platform that connects thousands of stakeholders across the sector. The events, webinars, case studies and newsletters have been great tools to showcase our activities. These tools have increased our visibility and enabled us to reach more targeted audiences.
Marta Louro
Marta Louro
Social Consultant – Access to Energy/Social Impact Coordination Office
We’re looking back at several years of close collaboration with ARE. Working with the team is a pleasure at a personal level, and ARE has proven a reliable and competent partner with a very important role in the market. For the future, we can be sure that there is a lot of work to be done – we are looking forward to it!
Michael Franz
Michael Franz
Team Leader
It is very important for us to collaborate with different stakeholders, such as NGOs, technology providers, investors and governments. That’s why we decided to work with ARE. For example, we found EAIF very interesting for us. Not only we managed to generate new business opportunities and connections, but also, we improved our brand awareness through ARE’s communications & marketing support during the event.
Desy Pamela
Desy Pamela
Schneider Electric
Global Marketing & Communications for Access to Energy
We have worked with ARE on the industry consultation for the EU Technical Facility. We also took part in the DRE Recovery Campaign by providing input but also hearing from other companies. So far, it has been very interesting and important for us to be collaborating with ARE and ARE Members.
Diane Domkam
Diane Domkam
ENGIE Energy Access
Policy Coordinator
We are very pleased with our Membership in ARE. Between finding new investment leads and attending high-level delegations, in particular with energy access initiatives in the EU and across Africa, ARE has provided us with the right access and knowledge to grow our business and meet like-minded companies. The network and information provided through ARE Membership is invaluable for companies across the energy access spectrum.
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly
Virunga Power
Founder & CEO

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