• Southern Africa
  • West Africa

  • Madagascar
Organisation type:
    Consulting Firms & Advisory Services
    Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Technology type:
    Energy Storage
    Inverters/Power Components
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Hybrid Models
    Pay-to-Own & Ownership Models

ANKA Madagascar

ANKA is a woman-led and 50% female made Malagasy impact company, specialised in developing and delivering modern, reliable, sustainable and affordable energy solutions for rural communities, as well as individuals and industrials. ANKA’s main focus is rural electrification by hybrid solar PV mini-grids. Its mission is to build rural wealth while increasing access to modern electricity thanks to a “mini-grid 3.0” approach which boosts

  1. rural economy and growth,
  2. rural electricity consumption, and ultimately
  3. the financial and economic viability of mini-grid investments.

From small and franchised mini-grid models, to large mini-grid models for semi-industrial development, ANKA is a driving force in development, design, installation and above all operation. Additionally, ANKA tackles domestic and industrial needs in urban, peri-urban or rural areas by providing high quality standards services and equipment, and provides consulting and technical assistance services to all actors related to the energy sector or committed to a smart and sustainable development.