What our Members say

"Get your impact/contribution in rural electrification internationally recognised by participating in the ARE Awards. ARE recognition will definitely improve our image and contribute to getting more partners to increase our rural electrification footprint."

Prosper Magali
Director of Projects & Business
Ensol Limited

"ARE has indeed been very instrumental for not only setting the platform to be able to interact with other companies active in the renewable energy industry, but also for putting us in touch. ARE has enabled our company to access the appropriate information through the best available channels in order to understand our industry better."

Alex Hofmeyr
Director of Sales - Middle East & Africa

"One of the steps to scaling up energy access is to strengthen coordination amongst major institutions as we saw in our Energy Access Investment Forum in Lisbon this year (2017). SEforALL is an important partner for us and becoming a Proud Partner of SEforALL will help the industry and institutions to work closer together to provide the much needed energy access to developing countries."

Ernesto Macias
President (2006 - 2018)
Alliance for Rural Electrification

"ARE is the most effective association we have ever belonged to in terms of usefulness, proactivity and practicality when developing new business models. It acts not only as a network facilitator that connects all stakeholders involved, but also as an organisation that compiles and takes into consideration the challenges its members face in their everyday business, and then creates awareness and lobbies the institutions with the capacity to alleviate them."

Rocío Hortigüela
Entiba Energy

"ARE has been for GFM the bridge to the international off-grid market, really very well supported by ARE Staff in the different countries we were together in Ethiopia, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Portugal, etc. Really very good work and an important tool to be part of the new decentralised energy sytem we’ll have in the next years."

Javier Bustos
Managing Director

"We are very pleased with our Membership in ARE. Between finding new investment leads and attending high-level delegations, in particular with energy access initiatives in the EU and across Africa, ARE has provided us with the right access and knowledge to grow our business and meet like-minded companies. The network and information provided through ARE Membership is invaluable for companies across the energy access spectrum."

Brian Kelly
Founder & CEO
Virunga Power

"Working in solar and energy access is always an adventure. The technology is evolving at such a breaknecking pace, so are innovative financing models and delivery mechanisms. New companies and ideas evolve each year whose spirit to innovate, achieve operational efficiency and deliver impact drives the growth in the entire ecosystem. So, it is amazing to be a part of an alliance that provides companies such as ourselves with an opportunity to share our learnings all the while learning from others as we look to grow together and drive the sector forward."

Anjal Niraula
Gham Power

“Joining ARE has proved to be pivotal for AMMP’s vision and business. Thanks to the Alliance, we have been able to discover emerging and innovative companies across the renewable energy space. Through our membership, we have been able to attend several relevant workshops & conferences in the energy space. In addition to this, ARE also lets us stay on top of all the latest trends in the industry.”

Stine Carlé
Co-Founder & CCO
AMMP Technologies

"ARE is the leading global off-grid industry association for the private sector and a valuable platform for knowledge-sharing. ARE is very important for our energy access work. They support us with market updates and bring us closer to the international institutions and national authorities."

Guilherme Collares Pereira
International Relations Director of A2E
EDP Renewables

“Joining ARE has been pivotal for Clean Climate Ventures to step forward in the field of rural electrification and access to energy. Thanks to our Membership, we got to know many companies in the off-grid energy sector and extend our network. Attending ARE events and conferences is extremely important to stay updated on the market trends and brings us closer to decision-makers and financial institutions.”

Claudio Pedretti
Clean Climate Ventures

“Joining ARE was one of the first decisions we took after launching Sunkofa Energy. It has allowed us to grow as a start-up company, facilitating the attendance to conferences and introducing us to investors. The ARE team is extremely proactive and always ready to help, it is a pleasure to work with them.”

Irene Calvé Saborit
Co-Founder & CBDO
Sunkofa Energy

"ARE remains a trusted source for energy access news and events. Their publications are the first resource I recommend to people who are looking to learn more about the sector. ARE continues to be an advocate for the sector, always looking for opportunities to help companies grow their business through connections and referrals."

Grace Perkins
Director of Business Development
Renewvia Energy

"Working with ARE was an absolute pleasure. Being quite early in my career, I got the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and experience in policy, technical and financial aspects and best practices in the clean energy sector. The ARE team is very dynamic, passionate about energy access and incredibly dedicated to delivering the upmost services to its Members."

Judith Abila
Intern (Feb-Oct 2020)
Alliance for Rural Electrification

“ARE helps us stay up to date on market trends and opportunities, which we would otherwise devote significantly more resources for. From the rich services portfolio offered, we mostly benefit from B2B matchmakings, events and newsletters. Taking part in these activities increased our visibility immensely, enabled us to explore business opportunities easily and to build fruitful partnerships with other ARE members. We are glad to have joined this thriving and growing community of changemakers!”

Rebecca Bregant
Chief Marketing Officer

"We are glad to be part of the ARE community. The membership has helped us a lot in expanding our network by connecting us with new partners and customers. There are lots of opportunities to get in touch within the industry or get important information through many events. EcoPhi was able to increase the visibility significantly through ARE channels. Whenever we have specific questions or requests for contacts – the ARE team always knows how to help."

Maximilian Spannagel
Business Development Manager
EcoPhi Renewables Engineering

What our Partners say

"CLUB-ER and ARE are the twin actors of access to energy; together they represent the public and private sectors respectively. Our partnership started in 2016 and since which, we have widely appreciated the full cooperation with ARE’s team and Members. We are happy to work together and create high efficiency in rural electrification."

Hary Andriantavy
Secrétaire Exécutif

"We’re looking back at several years of close collaboration with ARE. Working with the team is a pleasure at a personal level, and ARE has proven a reliable and competent partner with a very important role in the market. For the future, we can be sure that there is a lot of work to be done – we are looking forward to it!"

Michael Franz
Team Leader

"ARE has proven to be a key partner for GIZ, especially with regards to the development of incentivizing and risk-mitigating policy and regulatory frameworks aiming for higher private sector investments in clean decentralized energy technology solutions for rural areas in Africa, Asian and Latin America."

Mike Enskat
Head of Infrastructure

"The Alliance for Rural Electrification has been a very valuable platform for knowledge sharing on what works and what does not work in bringing energy services to poor communities."

Kandeh Yumkella
Former UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative
SEforAll CEO (2013-2015)

"We are proud to partner with the ARE on solar off-grid topics. This year’s Off-Grid Power Conference in Munich was a great success for all partners. We are looking forward to the next editions in São Paulo and Mumbai to enhance our fruitful partnership in the future."

Florian Wessendorf
Managing Director
Solar Promotion International GmbH (Intersolar)

"The ARE Energy Access Investment Forum was outstanding: with ARE you meet, talk and listen to business people from Africa and those with business in Africa. The B2B off-grid matchmaking day, organised by GET.invest, gives ample opportunity to create really useful encounters. This conference is a must in my annual agenda."

Martin Hiller
Director General (2011-2019)

"ARE is focused on the one of the most important issues in our pledge to “leave no one behind” – a pledge made in both signing the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. Securing access to reliable, affordable and clean energy for rural, low income communities – the largest part of the more than 1 billion people without access to sustainable energy is a critical component of living up to that pledge. By joining the SEforALL partnership network, ARE brings their leadership to a movement that is focused on going further, faster – together."

Rachel Kyte
Former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General & CEO (2016-2019)

"ARE’s training to the electricity company of Suriname proved very valuable to promote the adoption of new technologies based on solar mini-grids. Our collaborative work with ARE keeps bringing new opportunities to help with the achievement of universal access in Latin America and the Caribbean."

Javier Cuervo
Senior Energy Specialist
Inter-American Development Bank

The partnership with ARE will deepen our understanding of private sector needs.  It will also allow us to work together on facilitating a constructive dialogue between public and private actors to support a development path that delivers according to local needs and empowers local capacities and communities.”

Rana Ghoneim
Chief, Energy Systems & Infrastructure Division

“Regional events, such as the Atelier Off-Grid B2B Togo Workshop organised by the ARE, followed by the 1st Togo-EU Economic Forum in Lomé in June 2019, were very good opportunities for developers to be informed about the existing opportunities, and the EU will continue to work closely with ARE to promote the development of rural electrification in Togo.”

Antonio Capone
First Secretary and Team Leader Infrastructure & Environment
Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Togo

"In our partnership we can build on ARE’s global footprint, diverse membership structure and expert DRE knowledge. By jointly promoting innovative and sustainable decentralised energy solutions – with UNIDO ITPO’s particular focus on productive use and related value chains – we can ideally combine the capacities and mandates of our two organisations."

Michael Schmidt
Deputy Head