What our Members say

“Get your impact/contribution in rural electrification internationally recognised by participating in the ARE Awards. ARE recognition will definitely improve our image and contribute to getting more partners to increase our rural electrification footprint.”

Prosper Magali
Director of Projects and Business
Ensol Limited

"The Alliance has proved to be a helpful partner to help us access funding through OFID to enable us to electrify hundreds of homes and small businesses in remote areas of rural India."

Rebecca Symington
Executive Director
Mlinda Charitable Trust

"Our membership in ARE provided fantastic insights into rural electrification industry and network of market players in Europe, Africa and Asia. ARE Secretariat is very well connected in Brussels and always ready to support our work. We are happy to step up our engagement in ARE with Board Membership this year."

Emily Koulavaris
Managing Direct/Owner
Revelle Group

"The Alliance for Rural Electrification has indeed been very instrumental for not only setting the platform to be able to interact with other companies active in the renewable energy industry, but also for putting us in touch. ARE has enabled our company to access the appropriate information through the best available channels in order to understand our industry better."

Alex Hofmeyr
Sales Manager – MEA
Studer Innotec

"I consider ARE to be a hub that concentrates knowledge and access to main actors working in the sector. This is definitely an asset for young professionals like me that are looking forward to getting familiar with rural electrification strategies and worldwide initiatives."

Indira Palpa
Intern (February – April 2017)
Alliance for Rural Electrification

"While at ARE,  I was able to make lasting relationships with ARE staff and some of ARE members with an interest in India. I was responsible for facilitating technology transfer of decentralised energy generation technologies and identifying options for private sector engagement in enhancing energy access in India. The energy and passion of ARE staff and members for enhancing energy access was truly infectious!"

Richa Goyal
India Country Manager (May – November 2014)
Alliance for Rural Electrification

"One of the steps to scaling up energy access is to strengthen coordination amongst major institutions as we saw in our Energy Access Investment Forum in Lisbon this year (2017). SEforALL is an important partner for us and becoming a Proud Partner of SEforALL will help the industry and institutions to work closer together to provide the much needed energy access to developing countries."

Ernesto Macias
President (2006 - 2018)
Alliance for Rural Electrification

"The Alliance for Rural Electrification is a great network for insights into the electrification and renewables industries, and through conferences, webinars, and community efforts, has helped to increase our project scope and tap into new opportunities. By bridging the information and knowledge gaps, ARE enables collaboration between key members and Energo Labs is a proud member of the network."

Lathika Chandra Mouli
Project Specialist
Energo Labs

“Energy access for rural and BOP communities is a topic very close to our heart and forms an integral part of Stimulus research and efforts to develop projects that promote pro-poor market based solutions for access to energy, health, nutrition and sanitation. Our membership to the ARE connected us to an extensive information platform and large network of stakeholders engaged on ensuring sustainable energy solutions for rural markets. It has been a fantastic experience for us to partner with ARE and Phaesun in sharing some of our learning from Pakistan off-grid markets at the Phaesun Off-Grid Experts Workshop in 2017. We look forward to connecting with more members and collaboration for mutually beneficial activities.”

Hira Wajahat Malik
Senior Project Consultant
Stimulus Pvt. Ltd.

"At ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies, the impact investment fund dedicated to energy access, we are looking for investees and partners able to propose new solutions with considerations for its social and environmental impacts. ARE was the first association we decided to join as it’s really the best place to work on energy access challenges with members coming from all over the world and bringing various expertise. ARE is the network to start concrete projects, to develop new businesses and partnerships and to lobby for a common regulation framework."

Laure Vinçotte
ENGIE Rassembleurs d'Energies SAS
Managing Director

“ARE is the most effective association we have ever belonged to in terms of usefulness, proactivity and practicality when developing new business models. It acts not only as a network facilitator that connects all stakeholders involved, but also as an organisation that compiles and takes into consideration the challenges its members face in their everyday business, and then creates awareness and lobbies the institutions with the capacity to alleviate them. “

Rocío Hortigüela
Entiba Energy

What our Partners say

"The two main stakeholders in RE are ARE (private sector) and CLUB-ER (public bodies). Together we will participate in the achievement of SEforALL and SDG 7."

Executive Secretary / Secrétaire Exécutif
CLUB-ER (Club des Agences et Structures Nationales en charge de l'Electrification Rurale)

"We’re looking back at several years of close collaboration with ARE. Working with the team is a pleasure at a personal level, and ARE has proven a reliable and competent partner with a very important role in the market. For the future, we can be sure that there is a lot of work to be done – we are looking forward to it!"

Michael Franz
Team Leader
EUEI PDF / Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP)

"ARE has proven to be a key partner for GIZ, especially with regards to the development of incentivizing and risk-mitigating policy and regulatory frameworks aiming for higher private sector investments in clean decentralized energy technology solutions for rural areas in Africa, Asian and Latin America."

Mike Enskat
Head of Infrastructure

"Kenya has aligned itself to the Rural Electrification Strategy, and in collaboration with the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) has made tremendous strides in enhancing the visibility of national efforts to enhance connectivity, thereby contributing to the global energy access goal and the national goal of 100% energy access by 2022 as stipulated in the Kenya Sustainable Energy for All Action Agenda."

Hon. Charles Keter, MGH
Cabinet Secretary
Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Kenya

“During my mandate as the EU Commissioner for Development support for the access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy in the rural areas have been one of the
most important priorities. I received a great support from the Alliance for Rural Electrification. I am glad that ARE has increased its ambition in providing renewable energy solutions in developing countries. Increase of the productivity of farming, access to quality health services and education could only happen only with increased use of renewable energy.”

Andris Pielbags
European Commissioner for Development
European Commission

"The Alliance for Rural Electrification has been a very valuable platform for knowledge sharing on what works and what does not work in bringing energy services to poor communities."

Kandeh Yumkella
UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative
SEforAll CEO (2013-2015)

"We had the chance to meet our customers and suppliers, got to know potential clients and extended our network within three days. For these reasons the Intersolar Europe is a great event, which we are going to attend next year again. It was great to see the growing interest in the off-grid solar industry and to discuss future business models."

Robert Händel
Founder & CEO
Opes Solutions GmbH

"As the off-grid matchmaking hub ARE is proud to represent +110 of committed Members who provide RET and business solutions on the ground worldwide. With its concept of Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE), ARE creates win-win situations for communities by combining international expertise and investment power with local contents and skills development."

Marcus Wiemann
Executive Director
Alliance for Rural Electrification

"We are proud to partner with the ARE on solar off-grid topics. This year’s Off-Grid Power Conference in Munich was a great success for all partners. We are looking forward to the next editions in São Paulo and Mumbai to enhance our fruitful partnership in the future."

Florian Wessendorf
Managing Director
Solar Promotion International GmbH (Intersolar)

"Part of our strategy at IDB to reach universal access in LAC involves joining forces with other initiatives and networks, and we see ARE as an important partner in supporting the access work in the region."

Roberto G. Aiello
Energy Principal Specialist
Inter-American Development Bank

"The ARE Energy Access Investment Forum was outstanding: with ARE you meet, talk and listen to business people from Africa and those with business in Africa. The B2B off-grid matchmaking even of half a day, organised by RECP, gives ample opportunity to create really useful encounters. This conference is a must in my annual agenda."

Martin Hiller
Director General

"ARE is focused on the one of the most important issues in our pledge to “leave no one behind” – a pledge made in both signing the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. Securing access to reliable, affordable and clean energy for rural, low income communities – the largest part of the more than 1 billion people without access to sustainable energy is a critical component of living up to that pledge. By joining the SEforALL partnership network, ARE brings their leadership to a movement that is focused on going further, faster – together.”

Rachel Kyte
Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General & CEO