Private Sector Driven Business Models for Clean Energy Mini-Grids: Lessons learnt from South and South-East-Asia

With this publication, ARE highlights lessons learnt from 11 private sector driven clean mini-grid projects across South and South-East Asia. The purpose is to assist developers with know-how for the development of future projects and to inform investors about what to expect when considering mini-grids in their investment portfolios in this specific region.

The 11 case studies, that come from eight different countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines and Thailand), include both financial and technical data, and also span across technologies from solar PV hybrids to biomass and hydro projects.

In total, the projects provide electricity to 5,715 households and have lowered GHG emissions by an estimated 3,257 tonnes CO2 per year. Moreover, via the productive use of renewable energy (PURE), nearly 1,000 jobs have been created in local communities.

The publication demonstrates the potential of the private sector to be a frontrunner in achieving SDG 7, bringing technological and financial innovations to build investable portfolios of clean energy mini-grids, which can power the rural economy in emerging countries.

PDF icon 2020-02-06 - Private Sector Driven Business Models of Clean Energy Mini-Grids in SEA - Final.pdf