Best Practices & Key Recommendations from Young Leaders in Energy Access

African youth (15–24 years) constitute about 37% of the working age population, but account for more than 60% of all unemployed people in Africa, while more than 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity.

As advocates and innovators for bringing sustainable energy solutions to households, communities, regions and countries, youth can play a pivotal role in solving these fundamenetal challenges. Crucially, an increasing number of African and European youth have risen to take the energy access challenge head-on and have come up with many innovative solutions and initiatives, which can help scale up access to energy in rural Africa and spawn local job creation.

This publication sheds light on efforts made by six Young Leaders who were chosen as winners based on an open Call for Proposals in early 2017. The Young Leaders were invited to the ARE Energy Access Investment Forum in Lisbon, Portugal on 22–23 March 2017 and received award from high-level representatives of leading organisations. The Young Leaders in Energy Access also presented a Communiqué with recommendations to the high-level representatives.

In September 2017, the Young Leaders were invited to a training session for African Rural Electrification Agencies grouped under the CLUB-ER to present a ‘Call to Action’ to the African Rural Electrification Authorities during the Annual Meeting.

The six Young Leaders are:

  • Dr. Abdirahman M. Abdilahi, CEO, SOMPOWER
  • Astria Fataki, Founder & President, Energy Generation
  • Dina Ramaromandray, Lawyer, Ministry of Energy & Hydrocarbons Madagascar
  • Marta Pascual Santodomingo, Community Development Coordinator, Trama Tecnoambiental / International Consultant
  • Sayouba Guira, General Director, Nafa Naana
  • Simon Kiragu Muigai, Partnerships Manager, wPOWER HUB


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