Who, What & Where

  • Tiger Power

  • Mini-grids in Kyenjojo

  • Uganda

The Company

Tiger Power is a Belgian manufacturer of renewable energy solutions. Next to manufacturing the renewable power plant, Tiger Power also operates the mini-grids to distribute electricity in the communities where the plant is installed.

The Challenge

Three trading centers in Kyenjojo, Kyaburyezibwa, Mukiti, and Nyamicu in Uganda do not have access to electricity. Kyaburyezibwa is home to about 1,000 households and a number of small size businesses like shops, hotels, bars and a miller. The community is currently served by a small number of solar home systems. However, the businesses and social institutions such as the health center are in need of quality electricity to grow and contribute to the community development. It has been a challenge to get the Ugandan Rural Electrification Agency to sign a contract stipulating the responsibility of Tiger Power to provide the power generation and to build the distribution grid by itself.

Renewable Solution

Tiger Power will bring a number of Sunfolds and Storagers to the trading centers of Kyenjojo. The Sunfold is a foldable PV-array including a lead-crystal battery bank. Tiger Power will assist the REA for a year in training local technicians and maintaining the power plant. Afterwards, the REA will be responsible for operations.

Project Financing and Costs

The total cost of the project is EUR 600,000. Tiger Power has received a grant from the Belgium government for this project. During implementations it cooperates with the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom to conduct the feasibility study and measure the socio-economic impact of the mini-grids in the community. After installation, the mini-grids are transferred to the REA who is responsible for operation and hence price model.

Project Outcome

The beneficiaries are the households, businesses and social institutions who thanks to the solution provided by Tiger Power will have access to affordable and uninterrupted electricity. The health, socio-economic and environmental impacts, such as the elimination of the diesel powered engine of the miller and the availability of more advanced equipment in the health center, are paramount. Tiger Power is currently shortlisted for a tender to develop and to operate 25 mini-grids in Northern Uganda. With the Kyenjojo projects implemented and operational, Tiger Power has a proof of concept which helps winning this tender. Such a proof of concept will also allow for further large upscaling. It shows the Ugandan government that Tiger Power is engaged to invest in Uganda. Moreover, it also shows potential investors its capabilities. Finally, it shows that Tiger Power can replicate this approach in other countries.