Who, What & Where

  • Sinexcel

  • 10ft container BESS (Battery Energy Storage System): 50kw inverter with PV 70kwp and battery capacity of 103kwh

  • Malawi

The Company

Sinexcel is international company expert in inverters and microgrid solutions. Sinexcel has already created more than 300MW-worth energy storage solutions for the world since 2010. www.sinexcel.us

The Challenge

  • Poor power quality of the grid
  • Local hot temperatures
  • Unstable power supply from multiple sources, including Diesel, Grid, PV

Renewable Solution

50kw inverter with 70kwp PV and battery capacity of 103kwh.

  • The PV system generates energy during the day and the energy is consumed by the load directly
  • When the load consumption is low, the battery system stores the excess of PV energy
  • When PV has low generation but the energy consumption is high, the battery works together with PV generation to support the load
  • If/when the battery back-up runs out, the diesel generator supports the load independently

Project Outcome

Thanks to Sinexcel’s modular design technology the PV system works out as a perfect solution for local communities, in a context of poor grid quality and high fuel costs.