Who, What & Where

  • Grino Water Solutions Gmbh

  • Water for everyone  (8kWp Solar  PV)

  •  Cape Coast , Ghana

The Company

Grino Water Solutions provides sustainable access to clean water by offering solar-based water desalination and purification solutions. The fully automated system runs battery-free within a novel energy management system enabling dynamic operation. This allows to adapt to the solar fluctuations in the most efficient way, lowering costs while increasing water production.

The Challenge

Although Cape Coast is among the 10 big cities in Ghana and has more than 140,000 inhabitants, people lack access to electricity and water. The situation is even worse in schools on one hand, low-quality water is not always available and on the other hand, the price of the water is not affordable. Therefore, every year many students leave schools to earn some money and fetch water for their families.

Renewable Solution

In this project, the energy generated by 24 PV panels (8 kWp) is distributed among borehole pump, feed pump, high-pressure pump, and the water distribution system. Grino’s new technology (patent pending) allows the system to work dynamically and operate with little available solar energy without using any battery.Therefore, Grino’s system works at least one hour more than any other solar based desalination systems in the market and produces more water.

Project Financing and Costs

The community project was financed by Innovation und Zukunft Stiftung to build an innovative stand-alone system to provide drinking water. This non-profit project provides clean water free of charge for students and 30% of the produced water will be sold to the community to compensate for the maintenance costs and ensure the sustainability of the project. This model provides a long-term social and environmental impact.

Project Outcome

The project has provided drinking water for about 1,000 inhabitants including 600 students (Philip Quaque school and Jacob Wilson-Say) and 400 locals of Cape Coast. Applying Grino’s technology instead of using diesel generators saves up to 90 tonnes of CO2 during the lifetime of the system, respectively.

Next Steps

As the second priority, Grino is also interested in providing water in grid-connected areas.