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  • Bornay Aerogeneradores
  • Small Wind Turbine for a Telecomunications Tower
  • Nazca, Perú

The Company

Bornay appeared in early 70s in Castalla, Alicante as a company whose mission has been to provide energy where there it is not available through renewable energies and to care of the environment.

It is the only small wind turbine factory that manufactures all its products in Spain. Today, the company has opened a subsidiary in the US, based in Miami. Even so, it continues to give importance to research and internal development, which is carried out by the company's R&D&I Department. In addition, Bornay, is also a distributor of different ranges of renewable energy products.

In 2015, Bornay created a new division, Bornay Comercial, for the distribution of premium batteries for the leisure and recreational, nautical, industrial and mobility sectors. This new business line upholds the main values that Bornay Wind Turbines has been kept for more than 40 years: quality, technical solvency, financial solidity, market knowledge, stock capacity and extensive experience.

The company prides itself on its commitment to sustainability - all the products are manufactured in a bioclimatic and self-sufficient facilities. This is one of its ways to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, as well as to carry out socially responsible projects such as 'Ilumina Sonrisas', a policy-based on a crowfunding whose objective is to help NGOs to provide renewable energy in areas where access to energy is a challenge.

The Challenge

A mini-wind installation, consisting of a Bornay Wind Turbine 6000, was used to supply power for a mobile telephone company in Peru.

The challenge of this project was whether a small wind turbine could provide enough energy to the telecommunications tower without any power outage.

Renewable Solution

The reliability and durability of Bornay wind turbines allowed mobile operators to trust the company with its energy needs.

Such is the case of telecommunications in isolated places, such as in the Nazca area, in Peru, where energy is very difficult to obtain and the only viable solution is renewable energy.

This installation consists of a wind power system that supplies energy to a mobile telephone system in Perú.

The wind turbine is an important equipment because it covers the energetic part that the solar panels, sometimes, cannot provide. On the one hand, wind energy complements the energy supply of the solar panels and, on the other hand, it provides enough energy even if the day is cloudy or at night hours.

The system consists of a Bornay Wind Turbine 6000 with a charge controller and a bank of GEL OPzV 48v batteries.

The wind turbine, with three-phase AC output, is connected to a regulator specific to Bornay wind turbines, with three-phase AC input and rectified DC output, suitable for charging batteries at 48 Vdc.

The system is connected to a bank of 48 Vdc stationary batteries.

The battery bank powers the different telecommunications systems directly with 48v DC.

Installed Equipment

Wind Turbine:

Bornay 6000


Triangular autosoportada

Eolic Regulator:


Solar Panels:




Solar Regulator:



Sonneschein GEL OPZV



Other Elements:


Project Financing and Costs

The financing of the project was private, both for the mobile operator and our company.

Project Outcome

The results of the project were clear: in a totally isolated area where solar energy alone produced insufficient power for the telecommunication antenna, the hybridisation with a wind turbine was the perfect solution to be able to give a reliable service.

Our wind turbines are part of the Juan Carlos I Antarctic base and are the only ones left standing despite the harsh winters. The turbine's robustness offers telephone operators absolute confidence in our products.

Next Steps

The following steps are to make small wind more and more popular for mobile operators.

All our communications are becoming more and more mobile and we will need antennas distributed all around the world.

We have developed a special package to work more efficiently with the racks of the telecommunications antennas for different mobile operators.


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