Who, What & Where

  • Blue Solutions
  • 12 rural electrification mini-grids (2.2 MWp solar PV / 4 MWh LMP storage)
  • Benin

The Company

Blue Solutions, a Bolloré Group company, is the only manufacturer of all-solid-state batteries commercially available for transportation and stationary applications. As an industry pioneer, our solid-state lithium metal polymer (LMP®) batteries have been manufactured by us for over a decade  following our proprietary design and process which we continuously improve.

LMP® batteries are environmentally sustainable (recyclable, and contain no cobalt, nickel or cadmium) and have important application attributes: insensitive to external operating temperatures, safety, high-energy density, long life and ease of integration.

The Challenge

  • Operation in extreme environment: high external temperature, humidity, dust, rodents
  • High quality of service over the long term with long lasting performances of the equipment
  • Hard-to-access remote sites, a challenge for the installation and maintenance of equipment
  • Complex project bankability

Renewable Solution

Due to the technical challenges observed, we needed to rely on long-lasting modern and robust technical solution suited to local environmental conditions. We developed innovative renewable based mini-grids using state-of-the-art equipment from technical leader with strong track records and warranties. Smart energy management software is also crucial for remote monitoring and maintenance to lower the OPEX.

The project includes 12 mini-grids (solar PV + Storage LMP) for a cumulated installed capacity of 2.2 MWp / 4 MWh, supplying a LV distribution network for final customers equipped with PAYGO smart meters. Blue Solutions supplies the battery energy storage solution (BESS) based on its unique all-solid-state patented technology, the Lithium Metal Polymer or LMP. The solution designed for rural electrification applications includes robust storage cabinets enhancing the outstanding LMP properties (resilient to high external temperature without air conditioning, constant capacity, high performances), power conversion system and energy management software (Energy Management System, SCADA, Monitoring).

Project Financing and Costs

As the winner of the Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility (OCEF), of MCA-Benin II, the project benefits from result-based grant financing. The remaining funds will be provided by equity partners (the consortium and third investors) and debt.

The project is under financial closing.

Project Outcome

The project aims at supplying reliable, sustainable and affordable energy to all. The project relies on 3 pillars:

  1. Technological sustainability, using state-of the-art equipment from technological leaders with strong references in similar environment
  2. Economical sustainability, providing affordable tariff structure including for the most vulnerable ones, strengthening the energy transition with support and capacity building to local entrepreneurs and offering productive services to boost the local economy and the business model of the project
  3. Social sustainability, giving local stakeholders ownership of the project thanks to information campaign and regular consultation

Over the project lifetime, the outcome in few numbers :

  • 10,000 connections: 7,000 residential households, 2,800 commercial and productive users, 200 public institutions 
  • 65,000 direct beneficiaries
  • Hundreds of direct jobs created and much more indirect jobs
  • 5,000 TCO2 avoided