Grundfos has the technology to bring water to rural communities, we have a strong distribution channel and a depth of expertise. Learning from the energy sector, we are focusing on drawing in the productive use of water and doing this in partnership with companies and NGOs who are present locally.

To explore this concept and develop solutions that draw on the water, energy and agriculture nexus Grundfos is developing multi-use water systems that will provide water for both irrigation and drinking and are scalable. The farmers will be able to increase the output of their crops, increasing the circulation of money in the local economy, effectively cross-subsidising drinking water for the local community.

The goal is that access to drinking water will no longer be a luxury but will become an everyday commodity.

By combining the right expertise to address the barriers faced by our end users, Grundfos aims to increase local productivity. We firmly believe that in order to secure a scalable and sustainable business model, we must challenge the way we look at the economic ecosystems. And we think we’re beginning to crack the code.

And let’s round off with a piece of breaking news. On 9 December 2020, we were awarded a grant from DMDP (Danida Market Development Partnerships under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to test this type of hybrid model in Bangladesh with BRAC Bank and Hydro as partners.