17 June 2016 - ElectriFI received 290 applications during its first Invitation for Proposals which was open from 15 April 2016 until 6 May 2016. ElectriFI sent all applicants a confirmation of receipt email with a unique application number for each project. The applications are currently being assessed.

A small number of projects that successfully passed the Phase 1 screening will then be invited to submit a more detailed Phase 2 Proposal. Projects that pass the Phase 2 screening will be presented to the ElectriFI Investment Committee for Clearance in Principle. If the Investment Committee approves a project, ElectriFI will sign a Letter of Interest with the Sponsor and further due diligence will take place.

Applicants are expected to be informed of the outcome of the Phase 1 screening in the second half of June 2016.

A second Invitation for Proposals is planned for the 4th quarter of 2016. Please contact ElectriFI on electrifi@edfimc.eu if you would like to receive the announcement.

A Transfer Agreement has also been signed between the EU and the US Government for the USD 10 million contribution by USAID Power Africa initiative to ElectriFI at the European Development Days in Brussels on 15 June 2016. This contribution will be targeted at sub-Saharan Africa projects and will support common efforts to facilitate rural electrification in the region.  


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