29 April 2016 - SOLAR23 delivers 34 DC-coupled PV backup systems to Health Care Centres

SOLAR23, one of the leading German providers for off-grid and on-grid solar power solutions recently completed in February 2016 a project in South Sudan comprising the turn-key delivery of photovoltaic backup systems and rainwater tanks and the training of local service staff and the customers regional technical team which contributes significantly to the improvement of health care in South Sudan.

The world’s newest nation, South Sudan has some of the worst health indicators in the world and is challenged with riots and difficult access to remote regions. For this reason the financing organization is working on improving health service delivery in 34 Primary Health Care (PHC) facilities. Thereby, one of the most important factors influencing the quality of healthcare is the availability of a reliable source of power, ensuring cooling of essential vaccine and providing power for lighting and communication devices.

Until recently the Health Care Centers have been dependent on diesel generators, which are expensive to maintain, noisy and prone to performance problems. Therefore the organization has been looking for a clean, reliable, ecofriendly and cost effective solution. It quickly became evident that the installation of solar systems at health care facilities is the best choice.

Having established a long-standing relationship with his customer, the solar system integrator located in Ulm has once again been selected as supplier and provided Health Facilities in South Sudan with 34 DC-coupled, highly efficient solar powered backup systems and water tanks for collecting rain water.

The installation of the sites between 2.5 kWh and 15.6 kWh per day was organized by SOLAR23 and carried out by its local service partner. “Whenever possible we try to use local partners in accordance with our corporate philosophy based on long-term partnership to strengthen regional economy and create of synergies,” says Tobias Merkel, Managing Director of SOLAR23 GmbH and Project Manager. ”In accordance with our quality guidelines furthermore we used major brand components for this project: PV modules and batteries from German manufacturers and charge controllers, inverters, accessories and cabling mostly from market leaders. Also a lightning protection system was installed. And for solving minor faults we trained the service staff of each Health Center and for the solution of larger problems the regional technical team of our customer.“

About SOLAR23

SOLAR23 GmbH, based in Ulm, is a provider of turnkey, grid-connected and off-grid photovoltaic systems with an international dealer and customer network in Europe and Africa. The company is particularly competent in independent PV power supplies for telecommunications transmission stations, electrification of rural villages, street lights, water pumps for the drinking water supply and basic electrification of households. In addition to retail and industrial customers, bilateral and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and developmental aid organizations make up their customer base.