Munich, 31 May 2017 - ARE Member Phaesun and the University of Hohenheim are awarded the Intersolar Award 2017 in the category "Outstanding Solar Projects" with the innovative milk cooling system for farmers in rural areas.

The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) initiated the project for a solar milk cooling system. In a joint venture between the University of Hohenheim and Phaesun GmbH, a wholesaler for off-grid photovoltaics and wind power systems, a system has been developed that allows farmers to cool milk in poorly developed infrastructures. The high temperatures ensure that a large portion of the milk is not suitable for further processing, due to high bacterial growth.

The new system makes it possible to produce ice with the aid of solar energy, independent of the electricity network, thus maintaining the cooling chain from storage to transport. Normal DC refrigerators are used for this purpose. However, the electricity requirement for the cooling of the solar energy obtained is adjusted so that a continuous ice production is ensured. Thus, fluctuations in the solar yield, e.g. in the night hours are successfully balanced. So far, projects in Kenya and Tunisia have been successfully implemented. The advantage of this system is its ease of use and flexibility.

In total, there were 133 submissions from 21 countries. In the "Solar Projects" area, there were 15 finalists and 5 prize-winners in this division.

The jury was particularly aware of the potential social and economic impacts and made the decision to be the best project in the "Outstanding Solar Projects" category. Tobias Zwirner, Managing Director of Phaesun GmbH and Victor Torres Toledo Project managers from the University of Hohenheim are pleased about the award and the respect of this project. For both, it is a matter of heart to improve the life situation of the people on the ground and through sustainable, independent solutions, which are particularly future-oriented. "We are very pleased that our system has been so enthusiastically received by the jury that this shows us that we are on the right track," says Tobias Zwirner after the award ceremony.


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