Micro-Grid Academy (MGA) students now have an e-learning platform to use thanks to the agreement between ARE Members RES4Med&Africa and LEDsafari.

The Micro-Grid Academy is a regional capacity building platform that provides theoretical and practical training on access to energy and decentralized renewable energy solutions to young East-African and international technicians, entrepreneurs and engineers. Launched at the beginning of 2018 by RES4Med&Africa in collaboration with AVSI Foundation, KPLC, Strathmore University and St. Kizito VTI, it trained around 150 participants in four sessions in its first year.

LEDsafari has developed an online training platform for energy companies, also assisting them in converting their training material into digital content. LEDsafari’s online platform “HelioLearn” comes with special features which allow companies to add students, assign them a lesson and track their progress. Companies can use readily available lessons as well as upload their own.

Participants of previous Micro-Grid Academy sessions now have free access to the platform, which they can use to follow entry-level courses before attending MGA modules and to deepen their knowledge after attending MGA trainings.

Access to the e-learning platform is available for 200 MGA students for the moment, with more to come.

Alumni have received or will receive shortly an email providing the instructions for registration, and will find the online courses at LEDsafari’s website.