26 January 2009 - “A close cooperation with the private sector will be crucial for its success”…

On 26th January 2009 more than 80 states will participate at the founding conference of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Bonn. “The Alliance for Rural Electrification welcomes the creation of IRENA. It has a crucial role to play to promote renewable energy around the world, We hope that it will boost renewable energy in developing countries”, underlined Ernesto Macias, President of the ARE. “We urge IRENA to have a particular emphasis on increasing access to modern energy services for the poor“, Macias said.


The Alliance stresses that a close cooperation between IRENA and the private sector is indispensable for its success. “IRENA must use the vast experience, renewable energy companies have made around the world” stresses Macias. The private sector knows what is needed to implement sustainable energy solutions. For successful promotion of renewable energy, policymakers and the private sector must go hand in hand. If IRENA, the private sector and other organisations work together under this objective, significant progress can be achieved


“Isolated renewable energy projects are appreciated but they are only the beginning. Countries must aim at the development of self sustained markets for renewable energy” underlined Macias. Hence, the right framework conditions are crucial. One of the best known examples is the Feed in tariff which has not only increased the extent of renewable energy production in Europe but also triggered enormous improvements in technology and cost reductions.


The Alliance for Rural Electrification is an international organization which promotes renewable energy in developing countries. Its members are companies and institutions from the renewable energy sector. ARE is based in Brussels.