In July a new mini-grid system utilizing Studer Innotec power electronics and installed by Ensol (T) Ltd and Trama Tecno Ambiental (TTA), was commissioned in rural Tanzania. This rural electrification system includes Xtender inverter/chargers, VarioTrack MPPT charge controllers, remote monitoring and control capability, solar PV array, battery bank and generator back-up. The system is managed by the Studer equipment and power distributed to the local community with customers utilizing electricity dispensers in order to purchase power.

The centralized system provides electricity through a low-voltage distribution grid consisting of a three-phase back-bone feeder with single-phase laterals connecting single-phase loads at each customer's premises.

The modularity of the system allows for the system to be scaled up if required and it is anticipated that the system will encourage economic activity over and above the electricity that is now available for day-to-day life in the village.


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