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Organisation type:
    Development Organisation
    Finance Institution

DEG – Deutsche Investitions-und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

For 55 years DEG, a subsidiary of KfW, has been a reliable partner to private-sector enterprises operating in developing and emerging-market countries. We provide them with long-term financing and advice tailored to individual needs. They can thus develop successfully and sustainably, while generating local added value and creating qualified jobs. As a development finance institution, we deliberately tap into future markets and promote the expansion of the private sector.

With our involvement, we are actively working to establish and disseminate international environmental, social and corporate governance standards. Our investments are designed to foster the long-term creation of added value on the ground. That is why DEG finances enterprises that focus on lasting success rather than short-term profit – just as we do. Businesses that enjoy long-term success create skilled jobs and generate income, which helps people in developing countries to improve their prospects.