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Organisation type:
    Corporate Firm
    Renewable Energy Solution Provider
    Small or Medium Enterprise
    Technology Provider
Technology type:
    Battery / Energy Storage
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Commercial & Industrial Use (C&I)


Since 1899, BAE stands synonym for quality and reliability in the market for industrial lead batteries. The core business of BAE is the production of stationary batteries, especially wherever electricity needs to flow uninterrupted like in the emergency power supply for data centers, electrical power supply facilities and telecommunication infrastructure. For many years, BAE has also entered in an early stage into the market for renewable energy and provides solutions for a reliable and environmental-friendly electrical power supply. Moreover, BAE produces batteries for motive power and railway applications. Nowadays, we are an independent medium-sized company with a well-established position in the international battery market. BAE excels in its customer orientation and quality is our hallmark. A highly flexible and process-orientated structure enables us to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions.