In a joint effort to pilot North-West Europe towards a low-carbon energy future, nine project partners have teamed up with the objective to develop a standardised model for renewables-based decentral hybrid energy systems (DHES) in the project “Low Carbon Off-Grid Communities (LOGiC)”.

LOGiC focuses on ‘energy remoteness’. An area is considered ‘energy remote’ if it is not connected to the main energy infrastructure. LOGiC addresses this problem with decentral hybrid energy systems combining different types of renewables, such as tidal, wind and solar PV with each other as well as with battery storage. As wind, solar, tidal are intermittent by nature and cannot guarantee security of supply in a single source approach, a hybrid model is used.

Such a model will enable cleaner and more reliable electricity for local communities, while empowering them to influence their local energy mix. Three 'energy remote' areas in NWE will act as pilot locations for DHES systems:

In respect of the growing internationalisation of the off-grid sector and in the belief that profound technology and knowledge-exchange between the developed and developing world is crucial to effectively contribute to SEforALL and its targets, ARE has joined the consortium as the communication partner of the project.

The bottom-up approach and involvement of local communities in LOGiC is underscored by a ‘Community of Practice’, which has been launched to collect feedback on DHES from all stakeholders.

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