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5 February, 2024

Nepal Energy Specialist/Team Leader

Job description

Role brief

NRECA International is recruiting an Energy Specialist/Team Leader for a potential new project in Nepal, which is the subject of a current public tender. The Millennium Challenge Account – Nepal (MCA-Nepal) is implementing an investment program funded by a grant from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to advance economic growth and reduce poverty, including a major investment in electricity transmission. MCA-Nepal is funding a new three-year project called Capacity Building Activities to Enhance Electricity Use, which will support the development of Municipal Energy Plans in 30 municipalities, business training for 768 entrepreneurs, and skills training for 1200 participants, all to increase productive uses of electricity in the communities within the transmission line project area.

NRECA International is seeking an experienced Energy Specialist to serve as project Team Leader.

About the role

The following are the position’s responsibilities:

  • Overall implementation, performance, quality assurance and management of the project.
  • Manage a team of professionals specialised in electricity, productive uses, gender and social inclusion.
  • Design project implementation strategy, prepare training implementation and operation plan, and lead the municipal planning activity.
  • Facilitate and manage the project team for successful implementation of the project.
  • Participate in project review meetings, preparation of reports and coordination with stakeholders.
  • Ensure compliance with MCA-Nepal environmental and social requirements.
  • Ensure that the gender and social inclusion approach is integrated in project implementation.
  • Ensure the project team is oriented and aware of MCA-Nepal and MCC policies and guidelines.
  • Led capacity-building activities of the team members for the successful implementation of the project.
  • Act as a primary contact for MCA-Nepal and oversee all contractual issues relating to the project.

About you

The following are the qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Engineering or Natural Resource Management or Environment or related field.
  • At least 10 years of general experience in Energy Planning, Energy Governance, and Energy Management.
  • At least 5 years experience in project design and management of projects at Local/Provincial/National levels in the energy sector such as governance or resource management or Productive use of electricity/energy.
  • Experience in at least two projects preparing energy plans for local/ provincial/national level.
  • Experience in at least two projects in training and capacity building of local/provincial/ federal government authorities, development and implementing partners.
  • Experience in projects that included gender and social inclusion activities.

Project: Nepal Electricity Productive Uses Capacity Building Project

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Job duration: 3 Years

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