InfraCo Africa

United Kingdom


25 April

2 April, 2024

Regional Business Development Lead (West and Central Africa)

Job description

The Regional BD Lead (RBDL) for West & Central Sub-Saharan Africa will report into the Head of BD and will be responsible for originating and developing a pipeline of new opportunities in West and Central Africa from initial contact, through internal screening and due diligence, to the point at which InfraCo Africa commits investment (JDA). The Regional BD Lead for West & Central Africa will also be responsible for overseeing the development of a portfolio of projects from JDA through to Financial Close, of which some may be directly managed by themselves and others by their direct reports.

About the role

  • Developing a strong network of partners, co-developers, investors, and others to support the origination and delivery of infrastructure projects across Africa.
  • Managing initial enquiries (either directly or through their direct reports) from potential partners approaching InfraCo Africa as a co-developer and screening out those that clearly do not fit with the company’s mandate or strategic priorities.
  • Overseeing the drafting of Internal Development Committee (IDC) Screening papers: reviewing content and providing advice and guidance as needed to potential co-development partners, and that the IDC has the information needed to make an informed decision.
  • Overseeing all due diligence activities (financial, legal, political, technical, environmental and social) with a specific focus on the project design, plan, budget, timeline and partners.
  • Ensuring that the appropriate reviews and input has been secured before submitting the project to the IDC and PIDG Investment Committee (IC) for approval to invest at JDA.
  • Providing ongoing oversight and support to BD Analysts and/or BD Managers as they develop projects from a JDA through to a Financial Close and directly leading the development of projects as needed.
  • Building robust working relationships with all project stakeholders (governments, communities, developers, advisers, investors, contractors etc.).
  • Structuring and negotiating all the necessary commercial terms of InfraCo Africa’s involvement at or beyond financial close (securing the necessary internal approvals from the IDC and IC).
  • Troubleshooting, contributing to and coordinating development activities on projects as required.
  • Managing the company’s sale and/or exit from a project at or before financial close, under guidance from the Head of BD, CIRO and with support from the associated Senior Legal Counsel.
  • Challenging and shaping project plans and budgets to accurately forecast InfraCo Africa’s disbursements, manage and report progress, and mitigate any risks to the company.
  • Problem-solving and driving delivery of projects such that they reach Financial Close within the timeframe and budget approved by the IDC or IC.
  • Presenting at conferences or other external evets to showcase InfraCo Africa’s work and capabilities.