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247Solar, Inc., a spinoff of MIT, was formed in 2015 by solar industry pioneer Bruce Anderson to commercialise the 247Solar Plant™, 247Solar Thermal Storage™, and related technologies. 247Solar Plants are a turnkey solution for producing baseload, clean electricity around the clock. They eliminate most disadvantages of conventional CSP, PV, wind, and traditional power technologies with a hot-air-driven Brayton Cycle system that operates at atmospheric pressure and requires no steam, molten salts, or heat transfer oils. The 247Solar Thermal Storage System stores up to 20 hours of the sun’s energy as heat instead of electricity, using small ceramic pellets instead of molten salts for reduced cost and complexity. When combined with PV and batteries, 247Solar Microgrids™ can reduce fuel costs relative to diesel gensets by up to 90%.

Job description

Role brief

247Solar, Inc. envisions future generations living in a sustainable world powered by abundant, low-cost, zero-carbon energy.  We provide the first complete application of high-temperature, modular solar power with overnight storage, for cleaner renewable energy with higher yields.  Founded by an MIT alumnus, we offer 24x7 solar power that’s truly emissions-free.  We exist to provide exceptional, reliable, around-the-clock, zero-carbon energy in the fight against climate change and for a better future.  As a team, we are grateful and deeply committed to working passionately, tenaciously, and collaboratively – with heart. And we are rapidly adding people committed to this mission. We are looking for people who bring tenacity, a collaborative spirit, accountability, integrity, and an audacious passion for a sustainable future. To learn more about our company and our technologies, please visit 

247Solar, Inc. is seeking an experienced VP Engineering Marketing & Sales (VP M&S) to drive marketing and sales to fuel rapid growth.  This renewable energy product marketing and sales executive will have at least 10 years international experience, and an engineering degree, and an outstanding record of developing, training, and managing a global sales force.  The VP Engineering M&S will partner closely with the CEO, Bruce Anderson, to develop the global marketing and sales strategy and build the marketing and sales engine that will rapidly grow sales of our game-changing technology globally in a multitude of applications. The VP Engineering M&S will oversee all aspects of the company’s marketing including protecting and managing our brand, building and managing digital content, advertising, social media promotions, and other external communications, adapting marketing messages, creating targeted content, and designing campaigns with the goal of demand generation, brand positioning and engaging and educating potential customers.  

The VP Engineering M&S will also build, train, and manage our global sales teams to be deeply knowledgeable advocates for our products and who can create and manage our global sales channels and partnerships, help potential customers find the right solution for their problem, source prospective customers, manage relationships with them and offer them solutions with the goal of closing sales deals, satisfy customer demands and generate revenue for the company.


About you

  • A passion for creating a sustainable world, with abundant, zero-carbon solar-fueled energy.

  • Appreciation for a collaborative, direct, and trusting culture where shared success, transparency, and mutual accountability are how things get done.

  • Proven ability to get high-level visibility in our global markets.

  • A successful track record leading rapid sales growth in a global power generation or large scale renewable energy company.

  • Mastery at quickly developing, scaling, and effectively managing a global sales force (currently our “reps” or “collaborators”).

  • Been involved in successful venture capital raises and mergers & acquisitions; taking a company through an IPO or SPAC is highly desirable.

  • Built M&S teams and collaborated across a variety of businesses and international cultures.

The VP M&S will be a member of our Executive Team and report to the CEO. We strongly prefer a candidate who has worked internationally. US citizenship is not required. While our CEO is currently based in Washington DC, we are open to non-Washington DC-area candidates with a willingness to work with the latest video conferencing and team collaboration tools, as well as travel to the DC area for regular meetings.


About the role

  • Developing a robust marketing and sales strategy in support of the company's future direction while also supporting tactical initiatives.

  • Working collaboratively with fellow members of the executive team to drive company growth, manage risk, and seize new opportunities.

  • Controlling and managing all aspects of marketing and sales.

  • Establishing marketing and sales back office and scalable policies and procedures for marketing, sales, contract negotiations, etc.

  • Understanding the company business model for generating customer value and translating that value into marketing and sales tools, materials, and processes.
  • Developing and effectively managing a global network of sales engineers (currently our “reps” or “collaborators” as well as our dealers and sales/channel partners)
  • Building and managing an internal marketing and sales team as the company grows.

  • Supervising the following current positions:

    • Director, Business Development (located outside of the US)

    • Director, Marketing Communications (focuses on written material, support of sales reps and related, conference speaking, booths, technical approval of PR and related written materials, hires/oversees marketing support) (Currently in the US)

    • Brand Marketing Manager (focuses on Social Media, website, Press Releases, dist list and related, hires/oversees PR support) (Currently in the US)

  • Ensuring the maintenance of marketing and sales records in alignment with the CFO’s requirements
  • With other members of the executive team, overseeing and approving all contractual agreements related to sales
  • Developing, with other executive team members, key performance indicators (KPIs) related to sales that support the company's strategic direction and managing/monitoring the sales performance against these

  • Regularly communicating sales information to and briefing the Board of Directors and receiving guidance from it

What you need to bring:

  • Deep commitment to addressing climate change while building an organisation committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as social justice.

  • Experience leading rapid global marketing and sales growth.

  • Experience leading in an environment of rapid company growth.

  • Experience leading sales on multiple continents and with multi-cultural teams.

  • Engineering degree: Mechanical Engineering degree desired, but not required.

  • Collaborative, collegial interaction style.

  • Proficiency in spoken and written English.

Ideal candidates will also demonstrate

  • Experience within renewable energy, utilities, or energy transition markets.

Working at 247Solar

A Special Note

As a VP Level team member of an early-stage company, the salary portion of compensation may not meet large-company levels. However, the base salary is competitive, and the VP M&S will be rewarded disproportionately on the basis of the company’s future success and value.

At 247Solar, we offer

  • Competitive compensation with fixed annual salary plus equity incentives

  • Health benefits

  • A flexible workplace

  • Career growth in a rapidly developing and growing company

  • Incomparable job satisfaction from giving future generations a better future.

Join us!

If you would like to be considered for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to by January 15, 2022.


15 January 2022